Web Sites

As you visit Web pages, your Web browser (Explorer, Netscape etc) keeps a record of those pages on your hard drive. It is difficult to erase that information and easy for almost anyone to track it. If you are concerned that an abuser may be monitoring your Internet activities, use a computer that he or she does not have access to. Go to a trusted friend’s home or a public library.

If you already used your own computer, these steps may help cover your tracks:

1. Go to the “History” menu on your browser and delete each page that you do not want the abuser to know about.
2. Delete the cache.
(To learn how, go to your browser’s “Help Menu” and search for “Delete Cache”)

Note: These steps may not prevent an abuser from
monitoring your Internet activities.
Please use a different computer in the future.


Sending e-mails is never a safe way to
communicate with people about abuse.
Call South Valley Sanctuary at (801)-255-1095
for help.