How to get involved:
1. Fill out a volunteer application, and a BCI (background check). Send both forms and a photocopy of a state issued ID and a copy of your social security card to PO Box 1028, West Jordan, UT 84084.

2. You will be notified when you pass your background check.

3. If you have questions about volunteering, contact South Valley Sanctuary staff at 255-1095 or email us.
General Volunteer Oppportunities

Maintenance Jobs

Eagle Scout Projects

Collection Service Projects

Important information:
  • Volunteers must pass a background check.

  • Twenty four hours of advocacy training is required for
    volunteer opportunities that involve direct on-going
    interaction with clients.

  • Volunteers under 18 years old must have
    parental permission.

  • Volunteers must sign a confidentiality agreement
    and drug-free workplace agreement.

  • If you have lived outside of UT in the last 5 years,
    you must submit two fingerprint cards with your background check.

    There is a $10.00 fee for fingerprinting and a $34.25 fee to conduct the background check payable to the Department of Human Services.

    Contact the shelter for additional information or to have fingerprint cards mailed to you.

  • You must agree to comply with the Department of Human Services Provider Code of Conduct.


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