The Community Organizing Project offers free presentations on domestic violence in English and Spanish to community groups, workplaces, faith communities and schools. The Project also organizes conferences to raise awareness on domestic violence and supportive services in the community. On October 12, 2007, the Project hosted “Mobilizing Men in the Fight Against Domestic Violence” at the E-Center in West Valley City. On March 8, 2008 the Project hosted “Primer Congreso: Dia Internacional de la Mujer,” the first all Spanish conference on domestic violence and economic empowerment for survivors at the Salt Lake City Downtown Library. In January 2008, the Project co-sponsored two trainings: “Batterer Programs Can Enhance Offender Accountability and Judicial Monitoring” and “Domestic Violence in the GLBT community: Myths and Realities.” The Project will also host the National Organization for Men Against Sexism’s 33rd annual conference at the University of Utah, August 21-23, 2008. The Project is pleased to announce the creation of a Spanish domestic violence coalition “Unidos por el Lenguaje/United by Language.”
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Mission Statement

To promote healing and recovery in an environment rich in empathy, respect and dignity. We strive to provide services and activities based in empathy, respect, and nurture so emotional, physical, social and intellectual development can take place.

About Our Center

The Children’s Learning Center was previously known as Kids Club, on September 2009 the name was changed to Children’s Learning Center to reflect the activities and philosophy of our curriculum. As we continue to train and further our knowledge regarding trauma in children and families we aim to embrace and provide a trauma informed center. Our center advocates positive communication and cooperation with parents to provide a healthy, safe environment for the children. We believe that relationships between children and adults shall be guided by empathy and compassion and recognize that shame and humiliation are core elements in domestic violence. Staff in our center are aware of recognition of culture and practices that are re-traumatizing and that do not promote equality and appreciation of feelings. When working with children and parents we understand that all behavior has a meaning. We believe that an open and welcoming communication with parents are central to the development and well being of the children.

South Valley Sanctuary
P.O. Box 1028
West Jordan, UT 84084-1028
Phone: 801-255-1095

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