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Safety Planning

Here are some helpful tips that can keep you and your family safe. If you fear for your safety or the safety of others call 911 immediately.

Remember to keep important documentation at a neighbor’s or family member’s house. These include but are not limited to:

Identification:  Driver’s license, birth certificates (yours and your children’s), social security cards

Financial:  Money including cash, debit cards, and credit cards, check and savings account information, and loan/investment information

Legal papers:  Protective order, house deed, car title and registration, insurance, health records, school records, tax return, etc.

Other items:  These items vary and may include medications, glasses, house and car keys, valuable jewelry, clothes, current pictures, immunizations, etc.

  • Create a 911 code word to use with your neighbors, children, family, and anyone who may hear the argument. Inform anyone who may hear your voice during an argument that if they hear the 911 code word they should call police immediately.
  • Tell your children to never get involved during an argument between you and your abuser.
  • Call the police if your abuser threatens you, your children, or your home.
  • Open a savings account in your own name and ensure your bank statement is sent to a safe address.
  • Keep the shelter numbers and a cell phone at all times if possible.
  • Review your safety plan as often as possible in order to plan the safest way to leave your abuser.

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