Community Outreach & Prevention


An essential part of our mission is education.
We offer trainings and awareness presentations to schools, community fairs, workplace wellness fairs, businesses, support groups, hospitals and clinics, nonprofit organizations, and churches.

Presentations are available in English and Spanish. Topics include:

  • How to recognize, and respond to domestic violence victims
  • Building healthy relationships
  • How domestic violence impacts children
  • Advice for parents, teachers, and employers
  • Dating violence
  • Community resources

Stunning Facts – National & Local

  • Domestic violence costs American employers $727.8 million in productivity each year.
  • 74% of employed battered women are harassed by their partner at work.
  • In Utah, children in homes where domestic violence occurs are physically abused or seriously neglected at a rate 1500% higher than the national average.
  • Children who experience childhood trauma, including witnessing incidents of domestic violence, are at a greater risk of having serious adult health problems.
  • 1 in 3 teenagers experience violence in a dating relationship.
  • In Utah, girls and young women between the ages of 16 and 24 experience the highest rate of intimate partner violence — almost triple the national average.

Domestic Violence Impacts Utahns Every Day -
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Utah Employers Against Domestic Violence (UEADV) is dedicated to raising awareness among businesses about domestic violence in the workplace. We are a non-profit organization that unites Utah employers with professionals in this field; addressing the causes and effects it has on the workplace. UEADV partners with employers to implement prevention and intervention trainings on domestic violence in order to help better serve victims and their families.

Our mission is to assist companies in creating safer and more productive work environments that are intolerant of domestic violence as well as support for victims and their families. We seek to raise awareness for employers about the financial and psychological impacts domestic violence creates in the workplace. We educate and provide information on prevention and intervention practices for employees pertaining to domestic violence.

We assess each individual company’s needs, cultures, and goals first and foremost. We then work with administration to develop tailored trainings for staff and management that will focus on the dynamics of domestic violence. The trainings available are:

  • HR: How to Respond
  • Supervisors: Recognize and Refer
  • Employees: Domestic Violence Dynamics

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Teens are unique in their thinking and behavior when it comes to relationships and abuse.  Many of them don’t believe it will happen to them or think they can handle it alone.  The “Enough” program is designed to combat these beliefs by:

  • Arming students with the skills to be able to identify abusive behaviors
  • Setting goals for a healthy relationship
  • Planning for their everyday safety

We seek to help students feel more confident in knowing that abuse in any relationship shouldn’t be tolerated nor be dealt with alone.

This program consists of a two-day workshop which will help students to identify causes for teen dating violence. On the first day, we engage the students through a discussion that covers myths and the prevalence of teen dating violence.  On the second day, we reinforce concepts covered the day before through activity-based examples. This is followed by an evaluation of the teen’s perceptions that will be reviewed with the school to facilitate a better community response against the larger problem of domestic violence.

The key purpose of this program is to spread awareness about abuse in such a way that it will allow students to feel empowered to finally step up against violence at their school.

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